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Exhaust Arms
The performance of any welding smoke exhaust system depends greatly on the performance of the exhaust arm. The welding exhaust arm is your and your welder's biggest asset to increased health and productivity.
Exhaust Fans can be used in a variety of ways: Mounted on one of our exhaust arms as an economical way to draw out welding smoke, or mobile for extraction of welding smoke and dust, car exhaust gases or even for transporting lightweight material like packaging chips.
Filter Units
Kemper filter units come in many models to fit your operational needs, including mobile, wall mounted units, and large central extraction units. The bottom line is that you can be sure that your Kemper filter units will extract the welding smoke and particulate matter from the air to ensure clean air is returned to your workspace.
Welding Tables
Kemper tables are designed for welding fume extraction during the plasma-, laser- or flame cutting process.  You can rest assured that these welding tables provide powerful smoke and particle removal reducing exposure of employees and contamination of the work area.
Kemper welding booths have integrated fume extraction and can be custom sized to fit your production floor needs.  The booth curtains provide safety by providing a barrier from heat, sparks, and welding splatter.
Kemper safety products are designed to provide a level of protection for workers who are performing or are in the area of welding, cutting or grinding operations.   Our welding curtains and welding helmets provide safety to employees by providing a barrier from dangerous UV/IR rays, heat, sparks and welding splatter.
Kemper welding hoods have been designed for optimum fume extraction and ease of use by the welder.  Our modular high efficiency Kemper variohood is available in multiple sizes and can be adapted to fit most any job requirement.
Kemper fume extraction products are highly reliable and long lasting.  As our customer's businesses grow and their needs change, we often take equipment, on trade, and refurbish it to like new condition.   Availibility is limited, so please check our website regularly for refurbished equipment lists and prices.
With the Kemper Rent-A-Vent program you can rent a welding smoke exhaust sytem for 1, 3, or 6 month period.  This is a perfect solution for those in need of temporary ventilation solutions.  We offer the following products in our rental program (click for product information and rental rates:: FilterMaster Fans For more information on our rental program and other available products please feel free to contact us directly.
Ventilation Units
Smoke layer, dust, welding fumes and a bad atmosphere in your workshop?In some work environments the use of local exhaust equipment is difficult, for example when work areas are spread too far apart, large work pieces are manufactured, or work stations are frequently changing.This is where KEMPER Indoor Ventilation Systems help you to provide optimum health protection for your employees and to keep the air in your workspace clean.

Our Welding Fume Expertise

Welcome to KEMPER

As a leading manufacturer of industrial welding exhaust systems, KEMPER has been focused on clean air and safety in welding / cutting operations for more than 40 years. Our German Engineering can ensure that any size business can protect their employees with our OSHA compliant welding fume extractors and filtering products.

High Performance Extraction Systems

Our products come with a limited warranty and provide hazardous smoke and dust extraction during welding, cutting, or grinding. These OSHA compliant welding smoke removal products have won the respect of clients like Caterpillar,, General Electric, Snapper, John Deere, Yamaha, IBM, and many more.


The Welding Smoke Professionals

You can rely the KEMPER team of experts to assist you with all your fume extractor requirements. We can provide solutions for most demanding challenges. Whether you have large production line operations or a unique manufacturing process, we can develop a welding smoke extraction system to meet your needs.

Our Quality
KEMPER's OSHA compliant products are built to high technical standards to ensure safe and effective air extraction/filtering and employee protection. Our line of welding exhaust systems has spawned a host of imitators, but don't settle for the second best: Select KEMPER – A leader in welding smoke removal.

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About Kemper

Since its foundation in 1977 in Germany KEMPER has been dedicated to the development, manufacture, and distribution of exhaust equipment for safety and environmental protection during welding. Constant investment in research and development ensure... read more

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